The Therapy Service Charter

At Adoptionplus we know that adoption is a life journey and that children and parents alike benefit from a family life together which is enjoyable, rewarding and helps growth.

We know from research, that children placed later into adoption are more likely to have difficulties in making the adjustment into a new family. 

At Adoptionplus we view the adoptive parents relationship with their child as a key place for change and recovery. We appreciate that adoptive parents face a unique parenting task which, at times, requires additional help to bring about change. Adopted children are also likely to need help to begin to safely trust adults again. The benefits of being able to do this are great to both parent and child.

In our work, we routinely see how healthy and secure relationships bring about growth and safety, therefore our core aspirations are as follows:

  • To be helpful and effective to our families

  • To respect the uniqueness of the views of our families, colleagues and other professionals with whom we work

  • To believe that a shared understanding is more effective than one which is formed in isolation

  • To retain hopefulness that despite adversity, resolution and recovery is still possible

  • To believe that resolution and recovery now can help prevent cycles of difficulties continuing through later generations

  • To attend to misunderstandings and difficulties, including in ourselves, and to recognise that they are an opportunity for learning and for growth

  • To learn from all the people we meet and all the work we do

  • To see the humanity in our families and in ourselves; however hard life has been

  • To support families in finding moments of joy and help create more of them

  • To know what we can do as individuals and as a service (and what we cannot do)