About Us

Adoptionplus is an adoption agency based in Buckinghamshire which offers an Adoption Placement Service; a Developmental Trauma and Attachment Therapy Service and a Training and Conference Service.

We understand that adoption is a lifelong journey from the first enquiry to the first grandchild and that people value the reassurance of knowing that their family will have access to effective adoption support if ever, and whenever, they need it. For more information on adoption click here.

Adoptionplus is an adoption agency committed to:

  • Working in partnership with local authorities to avoid delays in placing children in need of adoption with their new parents.

  • Working with adoptive parents with respect, kindness, honesty and professionalism.

  • Providing services that avoid all unnecessary bureaucracy.

  • Tailoring adoption assessment, preparation and therapeutic support to individual needs.

  • Providing people with access to a highly skilled multidisciplinary team who are recognised as having considerable expertise in this area.

  • Supporting evaluation and research, in order that services are of the highest standards.

  • As an adoption agency, we encourage creative thinking and positive innovation in the development of effective adoption and permanence services in the UK.