Click here to read our current 2019 OFSTED report.  We are delighted to be 'Outstanding' again.

This is our third consecutive inspection over 10 years in which we have obtained an outstanding rating.  Not only are we delighted that our services have been judged as being of consistently high quality, but are even more pleased to read the wonderful and moving comments parents and children made about us. 

One child commented "I know the staff really care about me and my mum.  They have made an amazing difference to our lives.  They are the best."  Whilst an adoptive parent told the inspector "Adoptionplus has completely changed our lives for the better.  Our future is full of hope and joy."


Click here to read our 2016 OFSTED report, we are delighted that it is another 'Outstanding'

The Inspector reported that "Children progress exceptionally well.... and that their emotional well-being improves significantly", a family confirmed "they (Adoptionplus) have a deep understanding of the science behind attachment and are so child focussed and efficient that the services they provide are refreshingly pragmatic.  I would recommend them to anyone."

Adoptive parents had reported that they feel highly valued and welcomed by the agency, adding that the support and therapy is "faultless" and "amazing" having made a significant difference to their child and their lives.


We received an 'Outstanding' from OFSTED (2012)

Comments included:

"Adoptionplus is an extremely effective agency whose forward thinking and passionate approach to adoption provides outstanding outcomes for children." (Pg 3, 2012)

"Children are encouraged and exceptionally well supported to make progress in all aspects of their development." (Pg 4, 2012)

OFSTED reported a children's social worker as saying "I am very impressed with the quality of work carried out" and it's "absolutely fantastic".
(Pg 7, 2012)

A Commissioner commented "The agency really goes the extra mile... and we are impressed with how they use research to underpin their practises".

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OFSTED Online Questionnaire 2015

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