Information for Teenagers

This page describes the way we work and the help available to young people who may have been asked to come to one of our appointments.

Adolescence is a time of change. It raises many important questions about who we are and what we want to be. At Adoptionplus, we understand that when you are adopted, these questions run deeper and can bring about even deeper feelings and even bigger thoughts. This can mean you ask bigger questions of all the adults in your lives including your adoptive and biological parents.  When answers aren’t easy to find or to give, we believe families deserve support. We are particularly concerned when relationships start to feel like they are breaking down because teenagers can feel isolated from their families.

How we work:

  • We give you your own individual time

  • We want to really understand how you feel about your life

  • We help the people important to you to listen and understand what you have to say

  • We take a family approach to problems and difficulties, so that everyone can do their bit


Teenagers who have been to Adoptionplus tell us that they think we listened to them and that we were able to help them. 

Outside of Adoptionplus building