Information for Young Children

We work with lots of children who are adopted. When they come here, their mums or dads may be worried that their children are not happy and want to work out why, so they can help. 

We know talking isn’t the only way to find out what is going on. So you may come and play and show us what you think and feel. You may do some puzzles. Children have said they have fun here and like that we are helping them and their parents. The idea is to help people feel closer and feel happier.

There are some pictures below which show you our rooms and some of the people who work here.  You could ask your parent who you are meeting. We have nice things to drink and great biscuits!

Our Team

Dr Ben

portrait of Dr Ben Gurney-Smith

I like making pizza, and playing the drums and I can do over 100 'keepie-uppiess'


I like to walk my dog, go to the seaside and sing! 


portrait of Yvonne Milton

I like being outside in the garden watering the plants and riding my bike in the park


portrait of Hannah

I like reading stories and going for long walks. I also like making different flavours of ice cream!


I like to bake cakes (and eat them!) and I enjoy making Christmas crafts using lots of glitter and glue!

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