LGBT Adoption

LGBT+ Adoption in the UK

Adoptionplus staff are delighted to speak with people interested in Adoption. We are a welcoming, respectful and supportive adoption agency who values its LGBT+ staff and parents.

Members of the LGBT+ community may have additional questions with regards to same-sex adoption, and we thought it would be helpful to share information about LGBT+ adoption.

LGBT+ Adoption FAQs

Can people from the LGBT+ community adopt?

Yes!!! Same sex adoption in the UK has been supported by legislation since 2002 and has in fact been illegal to discriminate since 2010.

How many adoptions are to same-sex couples?

Statistics for LGBT and Gay adoption in the UK

All Data reported by the Department for Education

Will my sexuality be taken into account when adopting?

We base our assessments on whether or not you will be a good parent to a child or children unable to live with their birth family. Your sexual orientation or gender identity doesn’t affect this. We really get to know you, and undertake an assessment gathering qualitative information about you, why you want to adopt, and the type of lifestyle you live. We look for people who are kind, flexible, good with relationships, and able to understand and talk about feelings. We don’t decide your capacity to adopt based on race, marital status, sexuality or gender. The LGBT+ parent adoption process is no different to that of any other.

Will children be picked on if they have same-sex parents?

Many children experience teasing growing up for a variety of reasons. The real question is, what aren’t kids teased about? If it isn’t their appearance, personality, or intelligence, it’s something else — and having same-sex parents is another things kids will poke fun at.

LGBT+ people have been facing prejudice and discrimination all their lives, so you might already be aware of the sort of challenges your child may face growing up in a non-traditional family. You should be prepared for some rough spots, and if you need any support or advice, Adoptionplus will be there to help you and your family.

What Research is There Into LGBT+ & Same-Sex Adoption?

Gay, Lesbian and Heterosexual Adoptive Families: Family Relationships, Child Adjustment and Adopters’ Experiences (BAAF) (2013)

This research into adoptive families headed by same-sex couples paints a positive picture of relationships and wellbeing in these new families. The study, which was carried out by Cambridge University, suggests that adoptive families with gay fathers might be faring particularly well.

In-depth research into the experiences of adoptive families headed by same-sex couples suggests that children adopted by gay or lesbian couples are just as likely to thrive as those adopted by heterosexual couples.

Guasp 2010 study

This research involved the interview of children and young people with lesbian, gay and bisexual parents and found that very young children didn’t see their family as being any different to others. The older children tended to see their family as special and different, while stressing that families come in many different forms. Crucially, the children and young people with lesbian, gay and bisexual parents didn’t want their family to change. What they wished for was that other people could be more understanding

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New Families Social are an LGBT+ adopter charity, who we are members of and have close ties to.

For more information about LGBT+ adoption with us, please feel free to call us on 01908-218251 and speak to Rachael, Mary or Pippa, alternatively you can email us;